15 tattoos that should be engraved on fire every entrepreneur

Take your time, but everything we tell you next you should mark it with fire. Do not forget these keys, which have to do with the future viability of your idea.

The main thing? The important thing is not your solution but the unresolved problem of your potential client, which is the one who will pay. From there everything turns.

  1. An idea in itself is worth nothing. The important thing is the management and its execution by a cohesive team with a similar risk acceptance level.
  2. A clear leader. Analyze your skills (experience, training and skills) and look for profiles that complement your limitations and those of the project.
  3. Expose your idea to criticism. Before starting any validation process, make it public. It will help you to know the first reactions and also to change it and / or enrich it.
  4. Surround yourself with experts. Take advantage of public and private resources, which are many, to guide and support the development of your business project. It will be a business opportunity when what we offer (value proposal) responds to a real market need (demand not covered) and there is a group willing to pay for it (customers).
  5. Validate with sales. It is the only sure way to confirm that your value proposition is accepted by the market. Focus You can not shoot the entire market.
  6. Find out who your client will be (who will be interested in your solution and who will pay for it) and focus on knowing how he behaves and what he needs, to give it to him.
  7. The client, in the center. The most important thing is not your product, but the customer. Remember that without customers there is no business.
  8. User vs. Client. They are not the same. Any business needs users, but the only ones that will pay you will be your customers.
  9. Active listening. Go to the market and ask your potential customers what problems they have, how they are currently solving them and discover how they behave.
  10. Take advantage of the feedback. Be as objective as possible in the analysis of the information you have gathered from the market and your potential customers. Do not interpret it as best suits your own interests.
  11. A PMV . It offers a minimum viable, simple and light product or service of functionalities and characteristics for the potential client to value.
  12. Listen to your customers. Use the proposals of your potential clients to improve your idea.
  13. Income model. How you will generate income with your business model should be an initial concern, because depending on who your customers are, how they relate to them and the market, your project will have specific needs for resources.
  14. Persevere. But you must also do self-criticism and know if the market is telling you that your idea does not work.

By Pivota