A very useful technology to generate new ideas in your business

“How could we? (CP) are short questions that generate brainstormings, they are seeds of ideation”, defends the innovation consultancy IDEO in its free guide to generate new ideas in your business Bootleg Bootcamp.

“Branstorming can be used through the design process to, of course, come up with design solutions, but also for times when you’re trying to come up with other ideas, how to plan where to do empathy work or think about other types of products and services related to your project, to give two examples”, they say.

“Create a seed that is broad enough for a wide range of solutions, but limited enough for the team to have limitations that will be useful. For example, between the limited “CP create a cone so that the ice cream does not drip” and the broad “CP redesign desserts” there is an intermediate possibility that is “CP redesign the experience of eating an ice cream so that it is more portable”, they explain in their guide.

“It should be kept in mind that the proper range of the seed will vary with the project and with how much you have progressed in it. How to use this method? Start with your PdV or problem definition. Untie it into smaller actionable parts. Find aspects of the definition to complete the phrase “how we could…” ; it is a useful way to start brainstorming CP questions before looking for solutions with another brainstorming”, they conclude.