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When we founded Wekow, we wanted something more than a co-working space or a business centre: we wanted to build a business community, where each of its parts added value to the whole, based on personal experience. We wanted to do all this without giving up on avant-garde workspaces in the best locations, with all the necessary services to encourage creativity and innovation.
The result was the birth of the Wekow Business Community in Barcelona, an entrepreneurship hub and a meeting place of a plethora of different cultures. A space designed especially to help your ideas flourish.

Montse Puyoles

Our Mission

We are a business community that will give you everything you need to develop your business projects, with people at the centre of all processes.

Our Values

We believe in offering a completely personalised service, tailored to the needs of our partners. We are determined to pursue continuous improvement. We are driven by passion for what we do and authenticity in what we are.

Our Vision

Contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation through a community of shared experiences.









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Wekow Business Community
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