Benefits and advantages of having a virtual office

Quick and easy to do: hiring and using the services of your virtual office is an immediate process, from the moment you make the decision and take action.

Adapted to your need: temporary or permanent. Depending on the requirements of your company, you can choose the modality and way to use your virtual office.

Qualified staff: the service of your virtual office includes professionals duly prepared to efficiently attend your contacts and clients, who will save you a lot of time and facilitate your work.

Extensive hours of attention: you decide when you work and when you rest. Flexible schedules adapted to your needs.

Freedom and autonomy: The activities inherent in the operation of your company can be done from anywhere in the world, just have the necessary communication equipment, which allows you to contact your customers: a computer, internet access and a mobile.

You save on fixed expenses. Increase productivity and benefits: by reducing costs and time spent on transfers, you have more time to work. You save money: local, equipment, facilities, rent, services, personnel, supplies, etc.

Having a virtual space allows Entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises to reduce costs of opening, maintenance and viability of the business. You avoid risking part of the capital by renting a local or a traditional office, and thus allows more competitive prices or greater profitability.

Privileged location: this type of service gives prestige to your business. A strategic enclave, it is fundamental both for the image of your company that you project abroad, and for when you need to go to it. Well, you will have parking nearby, it is easily communicated, you have nearby shops and restaurants and it will be very easy to reach both your customers and employees.

Adequate spaces for meetings: for new entrepreneurs it is ideal to be able to rent the space (offices / rooms) only during the time they need it. A great benefit if you have to meet with clients or potential partners and give a good image.

Expand and internationalize your business: you can establish your business in other countries or regions, without having to have a physical space.

Focus on the important: having a virtual office allows you to delegate issues of maintenance and operation that a physical space requires.

You balance work time, rest and leisure: by not having to move you can better organize your business agenda, so you will work in a much more comfortable and relaxed way. 

Your Virtual Office in Wekow Business Community. If you need a virtual office we can be your ideal location, depending on the modality chosen we include:

  • Legal and commercial domiciliation.
  • Use of the address in your stationery, cards or web page.
  • Reception and management of correspondence and parcels.
  • Immediate notification of urgent mail and / or certificate.
  • Possibility of sending correspondence according to official rates.
  • Option to use meeting rooms at a reduced rate.
  • Reception of telephone calls through virtual switchboard, in a totally personalized way.
  • Voice mail option after hours with sending an automatic message to your email.
  • Personalized attention to your visits.