Coworking: how to save up to 60% on office costs

Everything belongs to everyone

Except for your computer and your work desk, the advantage of coworking is that it is shared from the mid morning snack to the way to develop your more boulder ideas (and the most creative ones, too). If you want to be a coworker, you have to know how to share, which will often be much more productive for you and your company.

Relax communally

Although each professional has his or her own schedule and time is managed as he or she wishes, working with others means occasionally stopping to chat and have a coffee in the office.

Open for 24 hours (not all have this modality available)

If your business requires constant dedication or you are better inspired at dawn, there is nothing better than having an office always ready to open the doors to you at any time.

Take care without worrying

The electricity bills, the water or the community will not burden you, because you don’t have to pay it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to waste resources, or forget that you’re not alone in the office.

To the last one

Not only is coworking a labor trend, but its philosophy implies progress; if technological advances, creative ideas and modern developments are your thing, this is your place.

Everything next door

It’s not as important to know how to do everything as to have the contact of those who know how to do it. By working with professionals from such diverse backgrounds, finding who you are looking for may be at the next table (or that partner may have the phone number of that person you so badly need).

To speak out loud

It is not mandatory, but all workers appreciate that ideas, doubts and suggestions are put on the air, so you can find answers to your doubts.