The 7 emotional bumps that the entrepreneur goes through

Doubts about feasibility, about our ability or experience, cause insecurity. “Being an entrepreneur means facing a daily challenge in which you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow,” confirms Lois Babarro, CEO of Intensive Learning, a language consultancy specializing in translation, interpreting and linguistic immersion. To manage it:

Identify your shortcomings. Only then can you solve them. It is a matter of personal courage. “Frustration warns you of a possible limit or lack of capacity. You must research about them to devise new ways of doing things that work, “says Víctor Pacheco.

Share your doubts. Many times, sharing your insecurities with third parties helps mitigate them. “In my case, that my partner is my wife has been a great help we take the problems home, but the next day we return to work with solutions”, explains David Reinares, co-founder of Bagsonalité, a leather bag manufacturing company with the development of its own line under the Reinares brand.

Select mentors. When the project settles, often the feeling arises that “it is great for you and you get stressed. That is why it is good to go hand in hand with an expert who helps us and guides us, “Seguí insists. Find mentors or advisors.

Pursue your goal. Insecurity has a lot to do with uncertainty. This is what happened, for example, to Jesús García Cortés, founder of Best Moving Eurosouth SlU, an international moving company. “After 25 years working for someone else, I was affected by an ERE and I had to reinvent myself. I had many doubts, but I thought of it as a mountain that had to be climbed and without going back. “So set a goal and go for it.

And divide it into small and achievable objectives. Zarzo talks about “checking them to see if they are really measurable. Only then you can see how you are going through stages, essential to recover confidence and self-esteem. ” A practice that has been very useful to Javier López: “when I lost a great client, I came down and I understood that the most important thing is to set real goals to be able to meet them.”

Isabel García Méndez